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I like what I see with it but we are very hesitant with Samsung because over the last 5 or 6 years of being a dealer we have seen the really good and we have dealt with the really bad. I have not placed any of the new devices yet but I do have teh 4300 in our showroom and really like what I see with it. Once i get some time to fully go through it I will try to update this.

We are all over the board with the service pricing. We try to not go below .01 per page and .08 per page. .01 will only be in the brackets of 4,000 pages and up typically. We have some people paying .03 per page if it's low volume and have a city govt paying .007. 


We only buy the GX models now unless it's a situation where we need a little bit better price. I think it's been over a year since we bought an LX model.

Hey Jason,

Our pricing is all over the place as well. We were told by our DSM from Samsung that the LX model was only going to be available for bids and government placements, we kinda figured that it was management wanting to sell the higher priced unit to help push revenue at our expense when trying to hit a number for the customer monthly spend.

Here is an example of what our service pricing sheet looks like.



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