This Week in the Copier/Office Equipment Industry 10 Years Ago First Week of December 2004

At 12:30 p.m. on December 8, 1941, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt stood before Congress and gave what is now known as his "Day of Infamy" or "Pearl Harbor" speech.


In this speech, Roosevelt declared that December 7, 1941, the day that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, would remain "a date which will live in infamy." That particular line has become so famous that it is hard to believe the first draft had the phrase written as "a date which will live in world history."


Note from Art:  I'm concerned that the war that my father fought in will someday be lost in history.  Sometime in the near future there will be no one alive from the Great Generation, and my fear is that those brave men and women will be forgotten by the general public.  We need to honor those who fought forever.


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          mass-market copiers that handle both color and black and white. Ricoh (RICOY ), Toshiba (TOSBF ), and Konica Minolta are competitive, too. And Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ ) hopes to move its corporate clients to multipurpose office machines with brilliant
          12/2/04 8:32 PM
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          December 1, 2004 - Konica Minolta Business Solutions Introduces Its Next-Generation Fax Systems The FAX2900 and 3900 Deliver Faster Fax/Copy/Print Speeds and Color Scanning Capabilities RAMSEY, N.J. December 1, 2004 Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S
          12/7/04 7:29 PM
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          Just got the email today that the Print 4 Pay Hotel is now on the Canon Imagerunner Press Release email list directly from Canon USA. I will post these as soon as I get them, the Print 4 Pay Hotel will be the one source of timley information for all of
          12/2/04 8:48 PM
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          125 awards worldwide. Xeroxs investment in color technology continues to deliver, with color revenue up 20% through the end of the third quarter. Revenue from color is expected to increase at about the same rate in 2005. For Xerox, revenue per color page is
          12/5/04 3:17 PM
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          anyone out there knows how to copy connect the 551? TIA Patricia
          12/7/04 8:28 AM
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Xerox Technology: Copying Pages from Bound Books Inside Innovation at Xerox: a Periodic Glimpse at Work in Progress; Xerox Scientists Crack the Mystery of Copying Pages from Bound Books without Damaging the Spine. ROCHESTER, NY, Dec. 2, 2004 - If you've
          12/7/04 7:36 PM
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          other bets appear much more challenging. A year ago, as HP ratcheted up competition with the likes of Xerox (XRX ) and Canon (CAJ ), it vowed to snatch 10% of the $24 billion market for digital copiers. So far, HP says it has gained a couple of percentage
          12/2/04 8:26 PM
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          Students shine in Schools Environmental Art Competition  Students from Sustainable Schools put their artistic talent to the test in this years Ricoh Environmental Art Competition. The judges deliberated for two hours to decide the winners and
          12/7/04 4:46 PM
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          Does anyone know if Ricoh Family Group products will print from this vertical market software? There are a lot of local medical offices using this and Medical Mastermind. My customer is using Medical Manager and it is using Wordperfect as a word
          12/3/04 10:14 PM
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          You mean to tell me I can Xerox and print from the same machine??? Thats remarkable!!!
          12/6/04 12:59 PM
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No issues. The Ricoh card is 802.11b only so you will need a compatable access point.
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