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Color Label Press University "Glossary of Terms" Part Twelve, Course One


At my age sometimes it gets interesting to remember where you went on the weekends.  What I do remember is that I accompanied my wife to one of our local food stores. I'm thinking it was a Wegmans, could have been something else, but it was one of the higher end food stores. I was not impressed with was the prices! Frak, let me stick to making money so the wife can spend it. Please don't tell me how much that steak cost.

If you're a professional in the imaging channel then you're always looking for opportunities. I'm a huge fan of print and find it fascinating how print is used with branding of products, especially food products.  Every prepared package of fruit, nuts, salads all had a full color branding label. The icing on the cake for me was the brown paper bags, yup they also had a full color branding label on bag.

Print is not dying, print is bigger that ever, problem is that print is migrating and most office equipment dealers are not migrating with it. #followprintmigration

If your dealership is selling Production Print systems then it's a simple jump to offer color label presses or color wide format.  A couple of years ago I attending a seminar that was hosted by Frank Cannatta. Frank spoke about the opportunities for industrial print, wide format print and the endless revenue for inks.

Label Press University

At the top of each blog you'll see color label press icon.  Clicking that link which is at the top of each blog will then bring you the collection of blogs for Color Label Press University.  It's pretty neat, you'll see all of the blogs that we've posted for an easier read and simple way to toggle from blog to blog.

Color Label Presses can be used as seeding devices in larger Print4Pay opportunities, or help that dealer or rep get a conversation going with an account where they have never had any traction with MFP's or IT services.  In addition, the competition is ripe for takeover.   Let us not forget about the GP!

The market for full color digital labels in huge and the potential to make some serious commissions is enormous.  BTW, isn't that why we're in this crazy business? 

Color Label Press University "Glossary for Pressure Sensitive Labels"  Course One (Sponsored by Muratec a Konica Minolta Company)


Initial Tack  Degree of stickiness when a pressure sensitve label is first applied to a product.
Ink Bleed  Penetration of one color of ink into the facestock in such a manner as to cause one color to run into and discolor either the background color of the facestock, or another color of ink that is laid down adjacent to the color that is bleeding.
Ink Fountain  Device which stores and supplies ink to the inking rollers on a printing press.
Ink Holdout  Describes the degree to which pigment and binder stay on the surface of a material; a function of the ink, material and solvent (or chemical) interactions.
Ink Pump  Electric or air driven mechanical pump that circulates an ink or coating from a holding tank to the ink fountain.
Internal Stress  Stress created within the adhesive layer by the movement of the adherends at differential rates or by contraction or
expansion of the adhesive layer.
Ion Deposition  A method of printing using a non-impact electonic image process.
Ir-Scannable  Capable of being read by an infrared scanner.
Irradiation  Treated with ultra-violet light or another high energy ray.
Jig  Device used to assist the correct placement of a semi-automatically applied pressure sensitive label. Usually it is made to fit the shape of the product being labeled.

Jog  To intermittently operate a press for very short increments of web travel. Inching.
Journals  The end shafts on which a roll rotates, usually within the needle bearing or bushing of a die block.
Jumbo   Roll A full width roll of converted material where the outside diameter is larger than standard.
Key-Line   In artwork, an outline drawing of finished art for labels to indicate the exact shape, position, and size for such elements as  halftones, line sketches, text, etc.
Key Mark or Triger  A code bit(s) that provides the scanner with the instruction that the code is in a position to be read. Used in some fixed
beam readers.
Kickout   The precipitation of the solid part of an ink or coating.
Kiss Cut   A die-cutting operation which cuts through the face sheet to a liner but not through the liner.
Kiss Impression   The lilghtest possible impression which will transfer the film of ink from the transfer roll to the plate and from the plate to the
material being printed.
Knock-Out   In color printing, the process of dropping an image out of the color such as dropping white type out of a color background.  Often called reverse printing.
Kromekote    A trademark of a clay coated paper with a highly polished, mirror-like finish; high gloss.
Label   The functional portion of a pressure sensitive construction comprising the face material and adhesive, die cut into various shapes.
Label Panel    Main panel of a container.

Label Stock    Pressure sensitive laminate from which labels are produced, usually refers to roll stock.
Labeling Machine   Dispensing apparatus that, by means of driving or pulling the backing, delivers a pressure sensitive label and applies it to a
Lacquer    A clear protective coating, usually glossy, applied to a printed web in-line on a label press just prior to die-cutting.
Laminant   An adhesive for combining and bonding a combination of films, foils, plastics, papers or other materials. Pressure sensitive
constructions are often call laminants.
Laminate   A web material formed by bonding two or more materials together as in a pressure sensitive construction. To apply one layer of material over another.
Lamination   A plastic film bonded by heat, adhesive, and/or pressure to a printed web for protection or appearance. Two or more materials bonded together functioning as one.
Laser Paper    Paper suitable to accept laser printing.
Laser Printing   A method of printing which utilizes a laser beam to put images onto a substrate. Usually the surface of the substrate must have specific characteristics to accept laser printing.
Laser Scanner    An optical reading device using a low energy laser light beam as its source of illumination.
Latex   An emulsion of rubber or resin particles dispersed in an aqueous medium. A natural or synthetic elastomeric dispersion in
an aqueous system.
Latex Paper   Paper manufactured by two major processes; one of which is where latex is incorporated with the fibers in the beater prior to
formation of the sheet, and the second of which is whrte a preformed web of absorbent fiber is saturated with properly compounded latex. The paeprs are characterized by strength, folding endurance, resistance to penetration by water, flexibility, durability and resistance to abrasion.
LATMA    Label and Tag Manufacturers of Australia, an Australian organization similar to TLMI.
Lay Flat   A label material with good non-curling characteristics making it suitable for automatic overwrapping, insertion or any other
form of further processing

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