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A Cool Thing Happened While Away on Presidents Club

It seems like every President's Club trip gives me a story to tell about a unique sales experience that I had.


This years trip consisted of 5 nights at the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  The trip was outstanding, weather was beautiful and the service was excellent! 


I tried to ask as many Hard Rock employees as possible (for those that spoke to languages, kudos for them), how they liked their job.  Every single one of them answered that they loved their job and it showed in their zeal for outstanding customer service. I was pretty amazed to say the least. At work I can be a curmudgeon at times, but this trip and the attitude of the employees will have a lasting impression (until) my first commission statement is wrong),


Truly, all kidding aside.  While walking the palatial hall of restaurants and expensive stores I was approached by a native Dominican. "Ola" he stated, of course I gave back an Ola to him also. He then asked me if I had received an invitation to view the Presidential Suite.  I replied I had not. My first thought was, hey, am I missing out on something here?  Thus I entertained additional conversation with my friendly Dominican. After communicating back and forth a bit, I finally got the picture that he wanted me and the wife to view the Presidential Suite because he was selling time shares. I also communicated that we go to a different resort each year, his reply was that they have Hard Rocks all over the world. I still wasn't interested and thanked him for asking me.


While catching back up with the wife, I realized that the thought that I was missing something or the lack of not having the invitation piqued my interest. So much that I carried the conversation forward.  Of course this gave me ideas about how to engage new prospects (DMs) on the first call. You're all getting my drift here, right!  


I'll take a lesson from my friendly Dominican and remember to ask if my prospect received our invite first, and then wait for the answer. Do, I think I was suppose to get an invite for something?  Not after speaking with him, however, we all run events from time to time and I'll make sure I pack this one away to use it later.


-=Good Selling=-

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