This unit will be previewed in Vegas. We saw it in NYC for AIIM, with a couple of Ricoh panels on the box.

Hope Ricoh did their homework with this box!

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Art, when you say RICOH put panels on the box, what exactly do you mean. Is the control panel going to maintain the RICOH look, or is it stuck with TOSHIBA?

What were your other thoughts on this. I haven't had the opportunity to see one yet from RICOH.

In my neck of the woods Toshiba is doing very well and I haven't even seen one in the field. Does anyone have any input. I think the model number is the e-studio 311c by TOSHIBA. Thanks for everyones input!
Thoughts on this unit! Color copier users have stated that this system does not hold up over time (copy qulaity)LARRY HUNT NEWS. Mind you that I am not aware of who does the servicing on this box for them.

Two the box is still old technology! It has the look of being dated, especially with the Toshiba key pad. However users will not be aware of this.

In reference to the panels, all Ricoh did was put thier panels on the box.

I hope everyone can make money off of this box!
When Art is saying "panels" he means the plastic side panels that say Ricoh on them, not the control panel where you enter information. He's just saying "they put a new shell on it" meaning there are no different features, etc.
BERTL gave the Toshiba version of this a 4 Star "Highly Recommended" Rating mostly based on cost/value equation...not high tech but fast and cheap.
Kudos, I've been saying this along!! Ricoh brought this too market because of some cry babies at the corporate who thought they would lose some business.

At one time I thought we needed something too, however after almost three years with nothing, I learned how to switch gears an move away from Graphics Color.
Has anyone put one in the field.

I am going against a CANON CLC 1180, I wanted to put in a 6513 but my managment is trying to push me towards the new piece; I haven't seen it in person yet and feel a little sceptacle.

Anyone have any thoughts
I have been putting the new 3131 through it's paces and have shown to several customers. Overall print quality is excellent - different from 6513 but obviously true 8 bit color. Should be a good fit to compete with Canon 1180 - ie. good print quality, fiery driven, low cpp and cheap.

The juries still out on the durability and reliability with thick stocks, but I'm glad to finally have a higher speed "graphics" machine to offer.
I had some doubts initially on this product. Our company also owns copy centers which produce about 3 million impressions per month. We installed the 3131 their before pushing it into sales. it has performed really well. The only complaint that I have heard is the fiery is difficult to navigate with multiple users. Probably just a training issue.

I have also placed a few and my customers seem to like to quality better than the 6513, in fact i have been focusing on replacing the 13's I have in the field with this piece. So far so good. Does anyone else have feedback from their situations?

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