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I did not write this, however thought it's good information for us when talking about security with copiers.

All of us copy all kinds of things at work.

Many do not contain sensitive data, but some probably do: organizational financial information, donor information, confidential client data — the list is long. Modern digital copiers and larger networked multifunction printers have hard drives that store data and images of all the documents they copy, print, scan, or fax. There are things you can do to ensure your organization's privacy in this little-known area of data security risk.

We hear constantly about data risks from malware and hacking into computers and networks. Far less often, we hear about data theft from copiers or multifunction printers, which are universal in offices.

Copier security is a real risk though. Modern commercial copiers and multifunction printers are actually computers with hard drives and network connectivity. They are as vulnerable to data theft as anything in your office's IT system. They can store copies of documents, and they also have usage logs that hackers can get to, as can anyone servicing the devices.

Ensuring Network Security

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Question on this - do any of you that sell Lexmark get questioned about the ultimate ownership of the Chinese government?  If so, what is it that you say to get them comfortable that they're safe?

@Jason H curious if you can help with this question

We are still a dealer but we have not sold a LEXMARK in quite a while. They eliminated the MPS Elite program we were own, or at the least removed us from that program. I never had anyone ask about the security due to the Chinese ownership but it’s a great point. Honestly, I have found their support, to us at least, to be very subpar. Our support from brother has been phenomenal the last 2 years. Most of my printer clients are replacing the lexmarks with the brothers as fast as they can.  

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