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Seattle, WA, April 05, 2018 --( Virtually all copier lease advice for the Customer comes from copier equipment suppliers. There is a lack of Independent Copier Consulting Companies that help Customers with copier lease and Managed Print Services “MPS” contract negotiations. Xippa Customers state they will never negotiate another lease or MPS contract without Xippa involvement.

Customers continue to use copier equipment suppliers as their lease expert resource, which might not be in their best interest as:

· Equipment leases are very inflexible to insure supplier funding,
· Service of equipment continues to be included in “leases,”
· Leasing is built into the incentives of many sales people’s compensation plans, and
· Equipment leases can be used as a tool to insure you are a return Customer as many times, the current vendor is at an advantage over a potential new vendor.

Here are a few of the statements that Xippa recently found on-line with their insight:

· Leases can protect against obsolescence by upgrading a Customer's lease at any time. What Customers might not know is that Vendors need to buy out the Customers old lease and/or “refinance” the old lease amount into the new lease amount.
· 3-year leases are better than 5-year leases, as technology changes. What Customers might not know is that the “funded” amount for the equipment that Customers are obligated to payoff is the same amount regardless of term, less the difference in leasing rates from 3 years to 5 years.
· Customers pay no property tax with a Vendor's lease. What Customers might not know is copier suppliers-leasing companies are using an inflated lease rate that includes your property tax amount.
· Leasing Companies do not charge Customers for insurance. What Customers might not know is most leasing companies waive charging the Customer insurance with proof of insurance.

There is a void in the market for Customers to receive unbiased, independent copier lease advice even though the need and cost savings exist. The Customers are responding to the void in a steady increase but have yet to realize the full extent of Independent Copier Lease Services. Continual exposure, word of mouth and additional independent consultants will fuel Customers to enjoy lower costs and a more advantageous copier lease and MPS contract structure.

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Any credible rep will advise about leasing pitfalls. 

For example:

1. I tell every client in detail about their end of lease options

2. I explain the documentation fee to all clients

3. I always recommend a 36 month lease unless the client demands 48 or 60

4. I explain the insurance charges to every client. In fact I explain the difference between the leasing companies insurance and the clients BOP policy. Found out years ago that Business Owner Policies do not cover flood. Leasing companies insurance does cover flood. Thus I ask the client if they are in a flood zone.

5. How can any of us mention the bump in lease rates? I believe it's a dirty dark secret and also believe it's unethical. But, I'm entitled to my opinion.

6, Buying out of leases, is there anyone who really believes that they will get something for free? Most if not all of my clients upgrade because we can lower their TCO. In most cases I explain who how the upgrade process works.

" What Customers might not know is that Vendors need to buy out the Customers old lease "  this is really a false statement since most vendors do not "buy-out" the lease.  They should have used "remaining stream of payments"

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