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WEBSTER, N.Y. (WHEC) - Xerox is planning a new round of layoffs.

A representative for the Rochester Regional Joint Board of Workers United said Xerox informed him it will be reducing management staff; union employees will not be affected. 

Xerox cut hundreds of jobs back in August. Now, the union confirms it has been informed by the company that a new round of cuts is being rolled out Thursday.

So far, company representatives haven’t said anything about the latest round of layoffs

December 13, 2018 08:28 PM

More employees at Webster's struggling Xerox plant went home without jobs as the company executed a new round of layoffs Thursday.

The company remained silent on its latest cutbacks but union leaders, local government officials and newly dismissed workers told News10NBC that numerous employees were let go although none of them could say exactly how many.

"It's always nerve-wracking," exclaimed employee Sandy Mele who was not one of those dismissed."I've heard it was happening but it's been so quiet. I haven't heard much of anything. So I have no idea."

One employee, who'd been with Xerox only a year, was told of being laid off amid talk of making "difficult decisions."  Xerox, he said, had become virtually unrecognizable from what it used to the rest here

Not only employees getting screwed so are Xerox Vendors

The layoffs are occurring around the country at Xerox' Global Imaging sites, so the impact is wider than just in Rochester. And now they are not paying vendors within terms, any vendor without contracted terms are being paid in 60-90 days. While at the same time Xerox is pressuring their sales teams to help collect money from their customers. Don't be fooled by John V, anyone below his reverse Robin Hood group of merry men are at risk. It's all about getting the share price up for the eventual sale.

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