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I am in against Xerox on a Doc12 and my client needs this device to be able to do match print type proofing. He says the Werox can do it and it is because of the Imation Front End on the Doc12.

What does that mean and can the 6513 now, or will it be able to with the graphic arts package and the E820 controller?

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Our 6513 with the e-820 can do the occasional match print (the customer high quality with matching colors) that needs to go to press. The match print must do exactly that (match) what comes off of the four color (SWOP) press. I have sold 4506 's and 6513's to do this for some of my P4P accounts. The 4506 and 6513 with fierys will fair very well. The Xerox solution is not a match print maker, if it was they would call it that. It will suffice like ours for the occasional match print that doesn't not need "high end" color. Match prints from a color lab run as much as $80.00 per print.
Our 6513 is just as good as or better than the doc 12 when it comes to comps, proofs, and the occasional "match print".

If you need more info, please let me know.

From: salesguru3 Sent: 10/31/2002 4:43 PM

Thanks for the info.

The client told me that Xerox is proposing an Imation Front End which is match print certified and also GATF certified (which I presume is a standard in the graphic arts world)
I am thinking that with the E820 Fiery RIP and with the graphic arts package that we will be ale to get close to that quality.

The really interesting thing about this is that the client said that Xerox is considerably less expensive than I was and I was pricing a 6513 and an E 710, of course before the client haphazardly sprung this match print issue on me today. If this is true, and I change to the E820 and the graphic arts package, then I will really be out of thw water price wise.
As far as I can figure, this Doc 12 must be Remanufactured though Xerox told the client is it new, as they always do. I told the client there is no way it could be new, but he insisted it was. They also might be killing me on service as I am in at $.17 per click and am not sure what kind of 4th quarter tricks they might be pulling.

Any suggestions???

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I'm sure if you look through EFI's web page you'll find some cool information to help fight the battle against Xerox. I have seen the Xerox in P4P and have won and lost, the only one I lost was due to the customer also needing a docutech solution upgrade. Xerox threw in the Doc12 as long as he upgraded his Docutech.

Docutech was then using Splash as their color server, EFI bought Splash about a year and a half ago. You have to use DMAPL Level 6 Pricing (P4P) to get on level terms, plus you cost for maintenance is "out of whack". You should be around 10 to 12 cents for a total cpc solution (with supplies and maintenance) and 12 may be high now.

EFI is proud to belong to the following Graphic Arts associations:

Fiery® Graphic Arts Package™

Graphic Arts Solution

Developed to address the specific requirements of graphic arts professionals, the Fiery Graphics Arts Package is a comprehensive set of tools to achieve consistently accurate color and print quality. The Graphics Arts Package lets users adhere to industry standards and simulate the characteristics of other output processes, while providing conveniences to enhance workflow.

Specialized tools for graphic arts professionals
Greater color precision and repeatability
Support for accurate proofing and simulations
Accommodation for varied document formats

The Graphics Arts Package includes support for:

More accurate proofing and simulation of final offset printing through halftone screening
Better representation of both color and page layouts with accurate on-screen previews of print jobs
Combining multiple-plate PostScript® separations regardless of the applications used to create them
Modifying spot colors by editing PANTONE® tables and defining custom colors
Automating workflow activities such as job ticketing and imposition
Automatic correction of mis-registration for composite or separate documents through auto-trapping
Accurate proofing of print jobs on the target paper stock through paper simulation
Enhanced calibration method, which uses two reference targets and analyzes 60 measurements per color
Bridging proprietary and standard PostScript /PDF workflows through TIFF/IT input

look at the page we have the same certifications as they do, find out more from EFI, call them, they will help!

rom: Graham Sent: 10/31/2002 6:05 PM

I have a hard time believing that you are out of the ball park on the 6513 unless Xerox has done some major price reductions. I lost one with an E-820 to Xerox based on print samples alone (The print samples from the Xerox were from a system that and an additional $10K option installed on it NOT what they bought) now the customer is regretting buying the Xerox. We were lower than Xerox at DMAP6. Remember, you can use DMAP6 cost for Any print for pay customer.

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