A few weeks ago I sent out for samples of the Xerox Color Qube. Within a week I got the samples and they were ok, however in a few days I got this email from a Xerox rep. What do youi think about the picture in the email???

The Title was of the email was "Please Respond"


I am contacting you today to follow up from the request you submitted earlier regarding our office products. If you are interested in speaking with a sales rep from Xerox to further discuss your equipment needs , please contact me either email or phone.
Thank you and have a great day!

Julia Brake
Sales Executive
Xerox North America Inside Sales
Xerox Corporation
Phone: 1-877-687-7733
Fax: 1-888-782-1255
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I won't comment on THE picture in THE email, but in general and relative to our business model I don't care for it (I'm not much into the ego thing). In the real estate industry where the practice has its roots it probably does what its intended but in our case no thanks.

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