I received this email a few minutes ago.  We've spoken about this before on the forums.  MY first thought was Xerox changed their plan and now has "flat rate billing".  This is not the case!  The key to this is "One pre-defined fixed monthly invoice, no matter what you print."

Which does not mean unlimited prints or copies!

Here's a copy of the email I received, let's not let our clients and prospects believe this is a flat rate billing!

You already have a lot on your plate. The last thing you need is to be distracted by managing your printer, ordering consumables, and checking bills. That’s why we have created the Xerox® All In Plan.
This all-inclusive plan covers your printer, supplies, and any technical support you may need—along with a choice of powerful apps. The simplicity and predictability of the All In Plan helps you keep focus on what matters most: your business.
Sign up in 5 minutes here: Introducing Xerox's All In Plan.url
Key Benefits:
SIMPLEOne Plan: Our simple approach includes your printer, technical support, and automatic supplies replenishment. No need to provide meter reads: We’ll monitor your printer(s) automatically, so you don’t have to. No toner ordering: We will send the toner cartridges when and where you need them, automatically. It’s that easy!
PREDICTABLE One fixed monthly fee: One pre-defined fixed monthly invoice, no matter what you print.
BEYOND PRINT The Xerox® All In Plan includes free download of up to three apps from the Xerox App Gallery. Choose from over 80 apps, including productivity-boosters such as:

  • Xerox® Audio Documents App: Scan your document and convert it into an audio file so that you can listen to it on the go, or when it is convenient for you.

  • Xerox® Translate and Print App: Deliver instant translations. Simply scan your document and receive a translation in your choice of 44 languages.

  • Xerox® Connect App for Box, Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, and Office 365, Amazon WorkDocs lets you easily store and retrieve the documents that matter to your business.
NO PAYMENTS FOR 90 DAYS The Xerox® All In Plan allows for a deferred payment schedule, with no payments for 90 days!
please click the link at the top of this email to get started, it takes about 5 minutes to make it happen. Feel free to reach out with any questions...
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