In the latest 'transition' for the RFG (Ricoh, Savin, Lanier) Region, several changes were made regarding Dealer field sales support.

As previously mentioned, the New Lanier East DSM (Tara Zailo), came from IKON where she was a Digital Support Rep and Trainer. In order to assume DSM responsibilities, she will need immediate training from her new counterparts. I look forward to observe her skill sets. She will handle TGI Office Automation, the RFG East Region's newest #1 revenue producing dealership after the loss of Comdoc. Speaking of Comdoc, their former DSM, Kimberlee, is now an Associate DSM for RFG East, handling smaller size Dealers. Kevin Doyle, formerly Ricoh Brand Manager, has switched teams, to become the Lanier East Brand Manager. Other support changes were noted, such as how the support team will support Dealers with any brand (Ricoh, Savin , Lanier). Even Dealer Sales Managers are supporting both Ricoh and Savin Dealers at this time, which is a strong sign of things to come. Tom Koenig from Kyocera Mita joined RFG East back in January and now his Dealer assignments have changed. Transition after transition like this could make one's head spin, as if a puppetmaster was pulling strings in a frenzied fashion. The change has been constant and the unsettled support team must now adapt and prepare for things to come. If the code has been cracked correctly, all is now set for the sinful demise of Savin brand, Lanier brand being the only one available to the Independent Dealer channel, and Ricoh brand being strictly sold by IKON and RBS.
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Chuck, with the current "troubled times" (words from Frank Cannata on the latest Live Wire / Cannata Report) at Ricoh, it now makes sense that either Savin or Lanier, or both brands, get elimintated. Just as GM sells Hummer and gives Saturn to the Penske group. It is a shame that on the 50th Anniversary of Savin, started in 1959, it's existence may disappear. I thin it will be Lanier for Dealers and Ricoh for IKON and RBS. The other option is Ricoh only, all the way, for both Dealers and the direct channel (IKON & RBS). I think that what is going on at RFG East could be the template for the future. My question, if I have a DSM that supports me with Savin brand in New York City, as well as the Ricoh Dealer in New York City, who does my DSM pay attention to when trying to take down large deals, or small deals for that matter? Will their energy be focused on the dealership giving them more revenue (I think yes).
As I mentioned, IKON IT took over Ricoh IT and H.R. was next. It is now confirmed that the new head of Human Resources at Ricoh is from IKON, as recently announced. Should we start a new Poll to guess which Department is next? Could it be Dealer Division?
In the latest, latest 'transition' for the RFG (Ricoh, Savin, Lanier) Region, one monumental change was announced today regarding Dealer field sales support.

The Savin Brand Manager for the RFG East Region has "resigned" effective immediately. At least that's how the message was delivered.

Apparently, the same 'resignations' may take place in the RFG Midwest and RFG Southern Regions very soon.

I'm not sure if this speaks to the elimination of the Savin brand (being closer than we think), or just a continued 'cleansing' of Savin people within Ricoh.
As an update, after the RFG East Region Savin Brand Manager was forced out (official spin = "resigned") an Internal Posting for the position was all set for distribution. So, the position may not be eliminated, just the person who formely occupied that position. My money is on a 'Ricoh' or IKON employee filling the role and I also bet they will just be managing the revenue downward.
It appears as if they had the candidate who supported IKON waiting in the wings to fill the position of Savin Brand Manager, when the former Savin employee was forced to leave. There are only six legacy 'Savin' and 'Lanier' Dealer Division employees remaining in the ever-changing RFG East Region (Indirect) and the 'cleansing' is almost complete.
Luckily, the talented former Savin Brand Manager that was forced out of the RFG East Region by the RVP, has landed a new position within RISO:

The 'Ricoh' memebers of the RFG East Region are now sipping Margaritas on their Prestige Club Trip and no 'Savin' or 'Lanier' Sales / Support team members were awarded the trip (and they HAD the numbers). Just one 'Savin' salesperson got the Trip and she enjoys Margaritas.

Smoke those Cubans while you can, Baby!

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