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Where’s the Packaging Opportunity for Commercial Printers?

The ongoing digital transformation has created problems for commercial printers, namely electronic displacement. As a result, many have turned to digital wide-format equipment to add new revenue streams. Nevertheless, with more PSPs adapting wide format, this service is no longer the differentiator it once was. Commercial printers looking for the next value-add product stream should examine packaging, particularly the folding carton and label segments, to find new revenue opportunities.

By Keypoint Intelligence
Published: August 22, 2019

  • According to InfoTrends’ 2018 North American Software Investment research, 50% of print service providers (PSPs) now own digital wide format printing equipment.
  • Commercial printers should focus on the advantages and unique capabilities of small batch, digital packaging, which often adds versioning and customization.
  • Commercial printers that are already proficient in producing a high number of small jobs are well suited, possibly even better suited, to capture the small-batch packaging opportunity.

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