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ricoh mph 6003sp a3 color 60 ppm MFP, installed 39 months ago. Almost 500k on black meter and les than 90k on color meter. Device was upgraded so client. Could lower costs. No service issues with device, performance was very good.

sell to a wholesaler?


do pm and put back in the field?

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We do quite a bit of pre-owned equipment.  We probably wouldn't bother reselling a high meter machine like in the original post to a client.  We would wholesale a machine like that.  We cherry pick low meter machines from our own equipment that comes back and from several brokers.  The majority of our pre-owned that we sell to customers has less than 200,000 total impressions and a lot of it has less than 100,000.  Our supply of real nice, low meter pre-owned is such that we don't need to sell high meter machines.

Of course I keep a few junkers around for the folks who only want to spend a thousand dollars or more.

I'll never understand the thought process in that. We have a customer that buys a 800.00 junker about once a year. He is on his 4th one now in 3 years and even after showing him he could have bought a new one that would last a long time, he sends me a check for 800.00 and tells me to bring the machine over. 

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