Need to make a long story short, below is a few bullet points for everyone;

  • existing account (4 years)
  • has a few months left on a 39 month lease
  • has 6-9 print devices from us
  • color 50 plus ppm device
  • 50-100 employees

I pitched the client on upgrading the existing lease.  Able to reduce their lease by about $45 per month.  Client was ok with that, I sent the order docs and the lease to the client, within a few hours they came back signed.  I opened the lease doc and was surprised that I put the term of 60 months instead of 39 months.  Which means excellent GP.

Turns out there was a mistake with the client legal name on the lease, thus I need to send a new lease. 

I feel like a heel for even asking this, however do I send the 60 month term that they already signed or do I correct the term to 39 months?

My fear is that if I send the 60 there is another chance that the client might balk and state, our previous lease was 39 months and not 60.  Also tomorrow is the last day of the quarter/month for me.  Either way I'll hit my quarter and month bonus if I send the 39 month lease.

What would you do?

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I would send them a 39 month new lease.
Or ask them, hey I wrote this at 60 months instead of 39. Is that ok. The
new equipment will last and we guarantee it.

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I agree with Czech and I think you know what the right thing is. Years ago I competed against a rep who habitually "sold" 36 month terms put left the term box blank until after the signature. That's not what you did but if you turn in a 60 month term, the result would be the same.

Agreed, and thanx everyone, sent the lease for the 39 months and got it back in 20 minutes or so.  Did not even mention to the client that the first lease that was signed was for 60 months.  I did offer a reduce monthly price for 60, but client opted for 39.  Whew!!

As Czech stated, "Can't go wrong doing the right thing."

Good move! Do the right thing. A competitor of ours is now out of business for doing stuff like that. They would leave the line blank and then go back to the office and write 63 months. Have seen deals where they went and upgraded a lease that was a year old for a new 63 month term at 1,000.00 a month and the customer signed it and never got any new equipment and was stuck with two leases. 

I've heard of that also, leaving the term blank.  What BS, that's one of the reasons many hate copier dealers, ty for the response

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