OPen discussion here, please feel free to post. If you want to remain anonymous please email me and I will post.  I received this from a dealer sales person yesterday.

Art thanks for this.

I forwarded to my team to watch

A lot of dealerships are laying off people. A lot have there heads in the sand. We’re taking a different approach.  We’re planning for June. Hanging in there. I just closed a 10 machine deal. It is in a extended care facility. Their old leases were expiring, like thousands of others each day.

Will install be different? Yes. We have mask and gloves and disinfectant. We are working with staff to keep residents in their rooms in the area we are working. We are asking for no one to be closer than 30 feet to our employees. Yes it’s difficult , but it’s doable.

Just getting the deal approved. First the name they operate under wouldn’t pass, so I asked for the Corp. Name got it passed. Most reps give up first rejection. I was taught by A old wise mentor, get approval first.  It worked.

Then I had to walk them through the lease cancellation process. Customers have no clue  what they sign. Then I had to help them with ship back charges.

Saved them a fair amount and
Held decent GP.

Leases are expiring every day.

I think on the webinar the other day someone said business starts recovering when money starts exchanging hands.

See you on Friday

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I guess I will add some. 

Our dealership has not furloughed anyone at this point in time. Of course all sales and admin are working remote.  We've had a few orders trickling in and my hat goes off to those that have been able to secure those orders.

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