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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Docusultant:
I have listed five items that I think should be added to the next generation wide format, please take the time to vote, plus please post a response here if there is a feature that you would like to see on the next generation units!

If you would like to vote for more than one, just placed your added response to this post.[I belive that the first four would be beneficial]
Hi all - and a happy new year to y'all

1. Color scanning: A must
2. Scan to JPEG: dunno, 4 what use?
3. Lager output stack device: this can only be a third party product? I dont think the market will be big enough for Ricoh to develop this.
4. Connect print & copy: I dont think there is a demand 4 higher speed, not from normal endusers. Maybe copyshops?
5 Printer only: Yes, its faster than inkjet

What about scan to tiff? I dont know if it is standard.
And maybe IPP?
On Kyocera/Mita you also have a PDF print option which is cool

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