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Let me give you some back ground about this board. This board was started in early 2005, this site based on the eve platform and has stayed that way the entire time. This was the Ricoh Family Board, basically only for RFG members and dual line members. Over the years the membership grew and grew to what you see today.

There are over 25,000 posts in reference to the industry and a few out of sort items also. About two years ago, I developed message boards for Kyocera, Canon and KonicaMinolta. At that time I had to use a different platform, and that platform would only support one message board for each manufacturer, thus I had to keep six different boards running with untold hours of monitoring and posting info one board to another to keep the information flowing.

A short time ago the eve platform was upgraded, with the new upgrade I was able to add permissions to the Ricoh Family Group Boards. Meaning that you could talk about your own products, solutions, pricing etc, without having your competetion viewing the posts. Ricoh people in ricoh boards, Kyo in Kyo and so on and so sorth for the other boards!

But the best part is that I was able to open up all of the generic boards, so all of the members will have access and be able to contribute to all of the members as a group! Let's face it, we're all in this together and this is a place to share sales solutions, ideas, tips and for all of us to come together as a whole.

I encourage you to ask questions, there are no dumb questions and as someone once put it, "there's no such thing as a stupid questions, however they are the easiet to answer". There's a ton of us on this message board that have a wealth of knowledge and we share it.

Please consider the Print4Pay Hotel as your home for your industry on the web.

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