Wow, feels more professional, just like all of us! Okay, maybe a little overboard, but it looks really good. You've done a great job! And unique, not like any other site I've seen to date. Especially considering you had to put this together in your spare time after satisfying your dealer's quota and more importantly your own personal quota.
Kudos to Graham!

It looks Great!

To everyone else, we need your help in getting up to date pdf brochures for Canon, Kyocera, Toshiba, Konica, Minolta, Xerox and Sharp.

Please put these in our upload area, and we can start our own library of new and discontinued brohures (this can be a tremendous resource).

We really need some help with these.


Great Job Graham Big Grin
Website is GREAT! ... can you use the "How well do you share?" tagline? With the open forum policy without censorship that you have here at the P4Photel, I imagine the "League" doesn't appreciate this site as much as we all do. I just wondered if using that line could be challenged by Ricoh.

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