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For the 470w, I have come across a client who needs to use the VCGL format which is a Xerox based format for drawings. Has anyone encountered this before or even better yet, solved how to print this format?!?

Any help would be appreciated. I have been working with Ricoh and their solution is very costly and not 100% certain it can work.

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This could do although the customer may not want to go through the motion. Purchase or "lend" the customer a copy of Adobe Acrobat
6.0? John Anderson or COPYME can you all help with this one?

Benefits for engineering professionals

Acrobat 6.0 Professional helps engineering professionals speed the document review process while ensuring accuracy and allowing easy creation of searchable electronic archives. Engineering professionals can now reliably exchange and review technical and design documentation created with AutoCAD®, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, and other specialized applications.

Quickly create Adobe PDF files
Acrobat 6.0 Professional provides one-button Adobe PDF file creation from specialized applications such as AutoCAD, Microsoft Project, and Visio. Support for ARCH, ISO, JIS, and ANSI large-page formats provides easy Adobe PDF file creation from any CAD application. Convert and combine bids, proposals, schematics, technical drawings, and other documents into one Adobe PDF file with a single dialog box.

Create rich, layered documents
Files authored in AutoCAD and Visio retain their layers during Adobe PDF conversion. Preserving layers (such as a plumbing layer in an architectural drawing) in Adobe PDF files allows users to view or hide information contained within a document as needed. Layer sets help engineering professionals organize and name layers, optimizing complex documents for easy viewing by anyone with free Adobe Reader® 6.0 software or an Acrobat program.

Benefit from enhanced file viewing and navigation
A split view provides a simultaneous, side-by-side display of two areas of a document. The Loupe tool lets users quickly zoom in on areas of a large-format document without affecting the rest of the document's magnification level. The Pan & Zoom Window provides a thumbnail overview that allows for rapid, real-time panning and zooming of a document. Improved application performance speeds the launch and display of graphically complex documents.

Comment using specialized tools
Acrobat 6.0 Professional provides specialized commenting tools tailored for engineering document processes. Users can easily redline complex engineering documents with the polygon, oval, arrow, and cloud tools, and apply date/time stamps.

Adobe Engineeringing link

Hope this helps!

I wish I could...but there is alot riding on this. Ricoh is working on it, and if they can do it, it would be worth it. The biggest problem is that they would want to see it in action before they I was hoping for a decent solution that wouldn't involve cost.

Are you still trying to find a converter for it John?

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