When most of us retired last night the news was telling us that President Trump had rolled back the tariffs to December 15th and that certain products would be removed from that list for health, safety and national security concerns.  I too thought that meant that copiers/MFP's was pushed back to the 15th of December because the news made mention about other tech items such as phones, laptops, tablets.

I needed to dig into this a little more today. Below is the press release from USTR that was posted yesterday.

note the highlight at the bottom of the page, this is the list of items that will have additional tariffs on 9/1.  Below is one page from that list.

You can get all of that information here https://ustr.gov/about-us/poli...-next-steps-proposed.

As of today copiers aka MFPs are still on the list!

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I think all print/copy devices/parts/ toner originating from China were subject to a 10% tariffs in the first round of tariffs back in Oct 2018.  That escalated to 25% tariff in May 2019.

The threatened Sept 01,10% tariffs are on consumer goods ranging from shoes to clothes to TVs and consumer electronics.

Manufacturers stocked USA warehouses heavy prior to Oct 01 2018 to avoid paying tariffs in the hopes that the Trump tariff war would be quickly resolved. That obviously has not happened nor will it likely resolved before the next Presidential election.  That big summer 2018 inventory buy is likely all depleted by now so all new product entering the USA from China is being tariffed already.

Copier manufacturers have absorbed some of the price increase while passing on a small increase to their distribution channels.

Some copier manufacturers have relocated production facilities for USA bound product out of China to avoid tariffs.  Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia are all big winners.

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President Trump just announced effective Oct 01 2019, that a $250 Billion selection of goods including all copiers, printers, toners and parts imported from China will see their tariffs increase from 25% to 30%.

President Trump also declared that all USA corporations that source goods manufactured in China begin immediately to find ways to manufacture those goods elsewhere but preferably relocate those facilities back to the USA.

These moves are in response to new Chinese countermeasures effective Sept 01 on President Trump's declaration of a new 10% tariffs on most consumer goods from China entering the USA.  Many goods in this new tariff will be delayed until Dec 15th.

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