We have a law firm that wanted PaperCut but REALLY liked their eCopy scan stations for their Ricohs

Our issue is that when they try use /access scanstation to scan it says the scan-station is in use by another user.  

We’re are using twain scan version 5 and papercut has been set to allow host based authentication from their end.

Based on past experiences with embedded software , once a user logged into embedded it would just open to the copier where they could scan with ecopy easy peasy. 

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  Does the user want to track scanning done on the ScanStation?  If so, you would need to engage Ricoh and/or your PaperCut provider to create a ticket.

  But before I would do that, I would try the basics first, firmware up to date on the MFP and Java if it is installed on Java, then the latest version of PaperCut that is supported on the MFP. 

  If they don't want to track ScanStation scanning, try setting the Authentication on the MFP to not require authentication for Scanning.  These settings are in the User Tools-System Settings-Admin Settings- User Authentication. 

  If that doesn't help, go into service mode and set SP 5-420 (User Authentication Requirement), 031 (Scanner) to a "1".  This should allow the scanner to run without logging into PaperCut.  If that works, you're done.  If it doesn't, call Ricoh and/or your PaperCut provider and create a ticket.

Thanks so much for replying I've been banging my head with so many different "not my job" responses from vendors it's driving to an early happy hour. 

They'd like to track the scans but like you said I'm just trying to see if we can get the ecopy to unlock period. 


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