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U.S. and Japan Show Growth in Large Format Printer Shipments in the Second Quarter of 2013, According to IDC



According to the latest results from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Large Format Printer Tracker, the market showed a year-over-year decline of -4.2%, with nearly 73,000 units shipped in the second quarter of 2013 (2Q13). Shipment value also experienced a year-over-year decline of -3.2% to $781 million. However, for the first time since the fourth quarter of 2010, two of the four largest large format printer (LFP) markets posted year-over-year growth in this period. The United States and Japan posted 5.0% and 4.2% growth in unit shipments in 2Q13.


"While the worldwide LFP market is mature, we do see pockets of growth opportunity that can be very lucrative in the eco-solvent based printers segment. We expect vendors to introduce new products soon to target these emerging markets," said Phuong Hang, Program Manager, Worldwide Large Format Printer Tracker.


Technology Highlight:

  •         The technical segment of the large format market is a driver of growth         opportunity. This segment grew 2.4% year over year to more than 43,700         units shipped in 2Q13. It remains the largest application segment with         more than 60% share of the total worldwide LFP market. This share is         up 4 points from this time last year. In particular, the Americas         region showed year-over-year unit growth of 17.8% in this large format         category for 2Q13.      
  •         Conversely, the graphics application segment declined at -12% year         over year to just under 29,000 units shipped. One bright spot occurred         in the Japan market where these printers showed historically high 28%         year-over-year growth.      


Vendor Highlights

  • HP remains the global LFP market leader with 39.4% share, even         with a two point share drop from a year earlier. HP continues to lead         the technical market, with more than twice the unit shipments of its         next competitor, Canon. HP also held its second place position in the         graphics market behind Epson.      
  • Canon jumped one spot up from last quarter to become the second         ranked vendor with 18.9% share, up 5 points from a year ago. The         vendor grew 15.5%, the best year-over-year performance among the top         5, to 13,756 units shipped. This positive growth was driven by         substantial 23.6% year-over-year gain in the technical market.      
  • Epson is the third ranked large format vendor, down one place,         from last quarter. The vendor declined -14.4% year over year in terms         of unit shipments and represents 18.6% share in the worldwide LFP         market. Despite showing significant year-over-year growth (102.6%) in         the technical application segment, Epson experienced a decline of         -24.1% in the graphics segment, which resulted in 13,501 units shipped         in the second quarter of 2013.      
  • Roland surpassed Oce to become the fourth ranked vendor in the         worldwide LFP market in terms of units shipped. The vendor increased         12.0% year over year in unit shipments and accounts for 3.8% share.         Positive year-over-year gain of 12.0% in the graphics market helped         fuel the vendor's overall growth.      
  • Oce rounded out the top 5 after losing out to Roland by less         than 0.5%. The vendor experienced year-over-year growth of -5.1% and         captured 3.6% share of the global LFP market. Oce's 17.8%         year-over-year growth in the technical application segment was offset         by a decline of -19.1% in the graphics segment. The vendor holds third         place in the technical market.      


Worldwide Large Format Printer Market Share and Year-Over-Year Growth, Second Quarter 2013


2Q13 Unit Shipments         


2Q13 Market Share         


2Q12 Unit Shipments         


2Q12 Market Share         


2Q13/2Q12 Growth         

          1. HP                                                        28,620                                                        39.4%                                                        31,582                                                        41.7%                                                        -9.4%        
          2. Canon                                                        13,756                                                        18.9%                                                        11,911                                                        15.7%                                                        15.5%        
          3. Epson                                                        13,501                                                        18.6%                                                        15,775                                                        20.8%                                                        -14.4%        
          4. Roland                                                        2,767                                                        3.8%                                                        2,471                                                        3.3%                                                        12.0%        
          5. Oce                                                        2,592                                                        3.6%                                                        2,731                                                        3.6%                                                        -5.1%        
          Others                                                        11,403                                                        15.7%                                                        11,327                                                        14.9%                                                        0.7%        
Total                                              72,639                                              100.0%                                              75,797                                              100.0%                                              -4.2%        


Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Large Format Printer Tracker, August 2013

Worldwide Large Format Printer Shipment Value Share and Year-Over-Year Growth, Second Quarter 2013


2Q13 Shipment Value ($M)         


2Q13 Market Share         


2Q12 Shipment Value ($M)         


2Q12 Market Share         


2Q13/2Q12 Growth         

          1. HP                                                        $188.76                                                        24.2%                                                        $218.52                                                        27.1%                                                        -13.6%        
          2. Oce                                                        $83.25                                                        10.7%                                                        $84.74                                                        10.5%                                                        -1.8%        
          3. Epson                                                        $74.77                                                        9.6%                                                        $78.56                                                        9.7%                                                        -4.8%        
          4. Roland                                                        $55.98                                                        7.2%                                                        $47.61                                                        5.9%                                                        17.6%        
          5. Canon                                                        $55.16                                                        7.1%                                                        $48.82                                                        6.1%                                                        13.0%        
          Others                                                        $323.03                                                        41.4%                                                        $328.21                                                        40.7%                                                        -1.6%        
Total                                              $780.95                                              100.0%                                              $806.46                                              100.0%                                              -3.2%        


Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Large Format Printer Tracker, August 2013


  •         IDC tracks A2-A0+ devices in the LFP market      
  •         The LFP market includes single-function printers, as well as         multifunctional systems (MFPs). Data for all vendors are reported for         calendar periods.      


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