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Toshiba Gulf has launched its new portable external hard drive with 1TB capacity that measures only 12.5mm thick, making it one of the thinnest and smallest in the market today.

 The Stor.Etm Slim also gives users the ability to access and share data anytime and anywhere with its 10GB of free cloud storage.

“The innovative feature that sets the Stor.Etm Slim apart from competing products is the instant access it provides. Through Toshiba’s partnership with Pogoplug PC, users can conveniently access their important files by storing them in a 10GB cloud storage, which comes free with the product,” said Santosh Varghese, general manager, Digital Products and Services, Toshiba Gulf.

 From anywhere, users can fully access their files on the Stor.Etm Slim using their smartphone or tablet as long as the external hard drive is connected to a PC and Wi-Fi environment. This feature is enabled when the PC is switched on or even when it is on a stand-by mode.

 Winner of the red dot award for Product Design in 2013, the Stor.Etm Slim is available in special brushed aluminium black or silver.

 The Stor.Etm Slim is pre-formatted for Windows and comes with an NTFS driver for Mac, allowing users to store and access files from their PC and Mac without reformatting. A Mac version of Stor.Etm Slim is compatible with Apple’s Time Machine backup utility.

 The Stor.Etm Slim has a built-in USB 3.0 interface that significantly improves file transfer performance for large media files, and dramatically minimises the waiting time for backups. It is also compatible with USB 2.0 devices.

 Easy to use, it comes with its own pre-loaded backup and sharing applications, eliminating the need to buy additional hardware or install extra software.
The included NTI Backup Now EZ software scans the system and recommends the best backup solution. Users may choose between backing up files in the cloud, to the hard drive itself, to a chosen computer, or any of these.

Customization of file, folder and full system backups is also made possible on the Stor.Etm Slim. It can schedule automatic backups and is secured through password protection, guarding files against loss, theft and corruption.

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