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Toshiba to launch new color A4 MFPs

eSTUDIO 330AZ and eSTUDIO 400AC models
- 4 tandem OPC drum design
- 35ppm and 42ppm top print speeds respectively
- Black/gray exterior plastic design
- MSRPs not published
- Apparently actually made by Toshiba (and not Lexmark/Ninestar)

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Original Post

I am told launch is late August.  Basically this new Toshiba made colour product is very similar to the A3 product shrunk to A4 paper size using the same operating system with a Dual Head scanner and 10.1" display.

No finishing options but this is rarely requested on A4 product.

Toshiba plans to continue with the relabelled Lexmark product for quite awhile as it opens more doors


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