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Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions today announced availability of a new configurable hardware services offering, Global Care Flex, part of its suite of Client Services. Recognizing the significant investment by retailers in POS hardware, Toshiba’s Global Care Flex offering will ensure that a retailer’s store technology runs smoothly, increasing customer satisfaction and minimizing downtime.

Today’s retail marketplace is very different than the past, with many businesses operating around the clock. As the largest EPOS market share vendor in the world in 2015, Toshiba recognizes that hardware service is an integral part of a total POS solution. To add even more value to the current offerings which include multi-level maintenance plans, total product support services and expandable, flexible services, the new Global Care Flex service affords retailers the option of selecting a simple pre-defined configurable service purchased together with hardware, using the same pricing and ordering process. Based on a retailer’s needs, the configurable service can be defined by specific characteristics including duration, type of service, response time and hours of coverage, purchased directly from Toshiba or an authorized business partner.

"As retailers continue to transform themselves through unified commerce to meet changing consumer demands, they need to massively invest in transforming technologies to bring their systems together. A service solution that provides value, selection, and flexibility is a definite need. The ability to select either a pre-defined or a highly customized service option gives retailers a head start to remove friction in the checkout experience,” said Greg Buzek, President, IHL Group. “The added benefit to potentially extend the life of their POS technology can also yield an even stronger return on investment.”

“Toshiba is focused on adding value for our global customer base and to prospective new customers through the provision of total solutions for a best-in-class experience,” said Steve Petruk, Senior VP and General Manager, Client Services, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. “Our new Global Care Flex service offering enables simpler, easier and more flexible options to ensure critical hardware support for stores.”

Toshiba’s Global Care Flex offering features comprehensive, flexible and responsive maintenance, parts and services available around the world. For more details on how Toshiba’s Global Care Flex experts can assist your store, learn more about our services at

About Toshiba Global Services

Toshiba Global Services has uniquely skilled services personnel with in-depth knowledge and expertise in retail operations and technology solutions. This deep industry expertise allows us to offer a broad portfolio of services and solutions with customizable service levels, whether you are an existing Toshiba customer or not.

About Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is retail’s first choice for integrated in-store solutions and is a global market share leader in retail store technology. With a global team of dedicated business partners, we deliver innovative commerce solutions that transform checkout, provide seamless consumer interactions and optimize retail operations that are changing the retail landscape. To learn more, visit or engage on Twitter @toshibagcs

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