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Toshiba has revealed they are working on the future of mobile technology by cautiously investing into the right areas of R&D.

Toshiba Australia managing director, Mark Whittard said key features of future computing technology should include cloud service, natural hand writing capabilities, digital voice recognition and security will be part of that.

With saying that, the company gave a sneak peek into what they refer to as ‘smart paper technology’. It will take shape of A4 or B5, it will have a narrow bezel of less than 2mm and be 4mm thin. It will also have reflective LCD sheet display, be waterproof, have true handwriting capabilities and be able to power wirelessly.

But according to Whittard, this is not expected to see daylight for at least another two years.

Whittard, cited as consumer demands continue to shift it’s the company’s responsibility to uncover the next wave of evolution by bringing in new products to market, testing new markets and testing work and lifestyles.

“What we’re starting to see is the last significant innovation being touch this market has started to plateau. As you all know for the first time in the PC market it has actually gone into decline in the last 12 months and the notebook market as plateaued,” he said.

“That for us is a sign we need to change our approach, we need to change our position now where for the first time in 28 years PC has plateaued and we need to prepare for the shift for the next evolution of the personal computer – the mobile computing platform.”
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