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To optimize the operation and functionality of its customers’ e-STUDIO™ print fleets, Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc. today unveils its e-BRIDGE CloudConnect,  cloud-based application to enhance tech support for its dealers and customers. Toshiba’s state-of-the-art support app – designed to significantly improve the user experience by gathering and transmitting service updates via the cloud – is currently available through the company’s nationwide reseller channel.    


Compatible with all e-STUDIO multifunction products (MFPs) featuring       Toshiba’s latest e-BRIDGEcontroller (introduced in 2010),       CloudConnect offers continuous remote monitoring, diagnostics and       firmware updates to e-STUDIO devices to proactively and more effectively serve end users. In addition to allowing for faster response times while improving the everyday operation of its customers’ print fleets,  Toshiba’s new proactive cloud service will reduce its dealers’        administrative time and service calls. 


"For the dealer looking to improve service productivity benchmarks,       Toshiba has created its e-BRIDGECloudConnect platform,” said       InfoTrends Director of Channel Strategy Service, David Ramos. “The tool  enables real-time and proactive troubleshooting and diagnostics to reduce customer downtime while avoiding having service technicians being unnecessarily dispatched. Most important though, CloudConnect will enhance the customer experience." 


By providing real-time technical alerts, warnings via the cloud for       proactive troubleshooting and more secure performance, customer downtime becomes significantly minimized. As a result, the company’s more than 100 Toshiba Business Solutions subsidiaries’ and nearly 300 independent dealers’ service operations can operate in a more streamlined fashion.    


Via its innovative diagnostic capabilities, CloudConnect receives and       transmits real-time alerts to instantly detect any anomaly existing       within a user’s print fleet while triggering a service update to quickly       resolve the matter. Toshiba’s proprietary cloud service additionally       utilizes secure web communications enabling the MFPs to access cloud       environments for remote device configuration and management.       CloudConnect also establishes custom settings and separate benchmarks for an entire print fleet or even a single device affording Toshiba       customers’ optimal performance. 


Though the inherent and primary benefit of CloudConnect is optimizing       device performance, Toshiba’s service offering better allows both       customers and dealers to more accurately collect and monitor meter       information as well as toner use. To facilitate the unveiling of its       innovative cloud service offering, Toshiba worked with select dealers       and customers for more than a year to ensure its effectiveness.    

“The concept for our cloud service was envisioned by brainstorming how we may better enable our customers and dealers to operate as efficiently       as possible,” said Toshiba America Business Solutions Vice President and General Manager of Service, Supply Chain and Innovation, Steve Tungate.  “While everyone on our support team was naturally eager to launch CloudConnect, we decided to take a step back to more carefully test the software with select customers and dealer partners. As a result of this  vetting process, we will soon allow our customers to significantly       reduce service times while optimizing the operation of their print       fleets.”    


About Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.    

Irvine, Calif.-based Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc., (TABS) is an independent operating company of Toshiba Corporation, a Fortune       Global 500 company and the world’s eighth-largest electronics/electrical equipment organization. At Toshiba, we understand managing your business content goes well beyond making copies. It’s about managing information whether it's in print, in digital format or displayed visually.


Our people offer leading, real-world products and solutions – whether       speaking of our award-winning, e-STUDIO™ multifunction products or       innovative Ellumina™ digital signage line – to handle all of your       content management needs. We’ll help you cut costs, secure your       information and reduce your environmental footprint. And if there’s one       thing every business and our planet can use right now, it’s managing to       do more with less. For more information on Toshiba solutions and       services available in the United States and Latin America, please visit  and watch our corporate video on YouTube.


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