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To underscore its commitment to designing and  delivering products to help facilitate customers' environmental stewardship,  Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc. ( today announces  34 of its e-STUDIO multifunction products (MFPs) are registered in  EPEAT. EPEAT is the definitive global rating system for greener electronics. 


Toshiba, the leading managed print services (MPS) provider and business printing solutions innovator, registered its multifunction products in the  recently added imaging equipment category of the EPEAT Registry. The EPEAT  system rates products on a lifecycle basis and considers, among other things,  its absence of toxic substances, its use of recycled and recyclable materials,  and its design for recycling, product longevity, energy efficiency, corporate  performance and packaging.


“Toshiba has been a valued EPEAT participant for six years, and I commend the  company for providing leadership in the new imaging equipment category,” said  Robert Frisbee, CEO of the Green Electronics Council. “Toshiba's dedication to  create greener business products underscores its commitment to the environment  and demonstrates the value it sees in the EPEAT system.”


“We are elated to have our products meet such stringent criteria to become  EPEAT registered,” said Tom Walter, director of aftermarket sales, marketing and  operations for Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc. “Creating greener, more  sustainable products speaks to Toshiba's philosophy of fostering a more  sustainable global environment. This deeply established ethos parallels the  principles EPEAT has created.”


To be added to the EPEAT Registry, an imaging device must meet at least 33  required environmental performance criteria. Products may achieve higher ratings  by meeting some or all of 26 additional optional criteria. The rating criteria  were developed during a four-year stakeholder consensus process that involved  hundreds of representatives from the environmental, research, governmental and  manufacturing sectors.


EPEAT is used as an environmental purchasing requirement by eight national  governments, including the United States, and is integrated into hundreds of  municipal, educational, healthcare and enterprise IT contracts worldwide. For  more than six years, EPEAT ratings have helped companies, governments and  consumers compare and purchase greener PCs and monitors, resulting in  significant environmental benefits. The EPEAT system  expanded in 2013 to include televisions and imaging equipment such as printers,  copiers, scanners and multifunction devices.

According to the Green Electronics Council, since 2006, purchasers choosing  EPEAT-registered electronics over products that don't meet the system's criteria  have eliminated greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 11 million U.S. vehicles'  annual impact, avoided more than 394,000 metric tons of hazardous waste and  reduced solid waste by nearly 167,000 metric tons – equivalent to nearly 86,000  U.S. households' annual waste.


About Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.

Irvine, Calif.-based Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc., (TABS) is an  independent operating company of Toshiba Corporation, the world's eighth-largest  electronics/electrical equipment company. TABS is a leading managed document  services (MDS) provider with experts that help organizations take control of  document security, workflow and print environments. With the award-winning  Encompass managed print services (MPS) program, e-STUDIO line of multifunction  printers (MFPs), toner products and retail information/thermal printing systems,  TABS is leading the way for businesses to print smarter, work safer and conserve resources. For more information on Toshiba solutions and services available in  the United States and Latin America, please visit



EPEAT is the definitive global registry for greener electronics. The registry  includes the most products from the broadest range of manufacturers and spans  the widest array of countries. EPEAT combines strict, comprehensive criteria for  design, production, energy use and recycling with ongoing independent  verification of manufacturer claims. More than 533 million EPEAT-registered  products have been sold worldwide since 2006, resulting in significant  environmental benefits. EPEAT was developed through a stakeholder consensus  process and is managed by the Green Electronics Council, a non-profit  organization based in Portland, Oregon. Learn more at


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