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Greetings, creators!

Here’s the rundown of this week’s email:

  • Ask a Creator Manager
  • Creator AMA
  • Audio Event Feature

Ask a Creator Manager

Meet our very own, Yrbenka Arthus. We asked her to share one piece of advice she thinks every creator needs to know. Here's her answer:

Q: How can I stay true to myself and create meaningful content for my audience?
A: Feel empowered to share identity-driven content. There's tons of knowledge to be shared around how identity shows up at work and in our lives. Where you're comfortable, feel empowered to share content that reflects those identities and where they intersect! This allows your audience a deeper look into how identity shapes your experiences. If you haven't already, be sure to update your personal demo information in your profile settings to reflect those identities. #BeYourself
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Creator AMA

Have a question? Take 2 minutes to fill out the form below and quench your curiosity. We want to use this opportunity to learn more about what you need help with, which will help us inform what topics to discuss in this email, future webinars, office hours, and more! Please note that all questions are anonymous. Ask a Question here.

Q: How do I use LinkedIn Audio Rooms?

Setting up an Audio Event is just like setting up any other type of event on LinkedIn and it’s available across desktop and mobile. Follow the instructions below to create and schedule your first Audio Event:

  1. Start your post by clicking on the “Create an Event” content tool
  2. Click the Event Format dropdown bar and select “Audio Event”
  3. Select a time and fill in all required information
  4. Click “Post”

Remember that every “Event” post will automatically share a one-time post that can appear in your followers’ feeds to help build awareness for your event.

** Please note that LinkedIn Audio Rooms are still rolling out, so if you don’t see it yet, stay tuned!”

Didn’t see your question answered this week? Check back next week and every week after for a new installment of Creator AMA.

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Upcoming Audio Events

Here’s three upcoming Audio Events you should be listening to:

August 11

August 15

Do you have an audio event scheduled in August? If so, drop a link to the event here and our team may feature it.

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