Data privacy can often be a huge problem. When people think of security breaches in their systems, they mostly think about hackers. Businesses, schools, law firms, health care clinics, and hospitals, among many others spend time and money making sure they have super security within their systems building firewalls or spending on intrusion detection systems.

While checking these things and spending time on them is important, this necessity to try and keep others out, makes you forget about the ones who are already in. By this I mean, those who work in these buildings and print. Luckily, PaperCut MF has great security features that can help you prevent data breaches and leaks when it comes to printing.

Data Breaches Through Printing?

Yes. An occurrence that is often heavily overlooked, data breaches through printing are often just accidents. These accidents though can lead to people’s personal information being leaked, government information being leaked, and it can even cost a person their job. You may ask yourself, how do accidents like these happen?

Apart from the 7 horror stories of government officials and politicians leaving important documents on public transportation (linked in the paragraph above), it is easy for employees to just pick up documents from printers that aren’t even theirs. As we’ve seen, it is also just as easy for someone to anonymously leave a document behind somewhere on accident. Here are 3 ways PaperCut MF secures printing to prevent data breaches and a quick note about GDPR.

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