What you need to know about driving sales and how to prepare your website

Internet access allowed us all to research for products online, compare them and make our purchase decision. The entire shopping experience has completely changed as we now have all of these products and services available to us from all around the world. As the customer experience is also affected by all of these technological and customer behaviour changes, businesses are increasingly focusing on finding efficient ways to drive sales on their company website.

After all, if you’re looking to increase the number of online purchases, where else will those purchases be made if not on your company website? That’s why businesses are investing their money into design hoping it will attract more visitors who will become interested in what they have to offer. Besides design, there are plenty of other things you will need to keep in mind if you wish to drive sales on your website. 

From good copies, engaging images, intriguing headlines to displaying your benefits the right way, your website needs to contain all information essential for your target audience to make their decision. So, what do you need to know about driving sales and how to prepare your website for it? Stay tuned as in this article, we bring you all the answers. 


1. Five-step strategy

  1. Starting with SEO
  2. Focusing on Social Selling
  3. Engaging customers through email marketing
  4. Delivering same-quality experience on various devices
  5. Closing the sale

2. Useful tips for driving sales on your website

3. Biggest obstacles to driving sales on your website

  1. Sliders on your homepage
  2. Displaying too many pricing plans
  3. Hiding your contact information

1. Five-step Strategy

If you wish to learn the art of driving sales on your company website, first you will need a good strategy. So far, there have been dozens and dozens of strategies promoted as very successful and efficient for businesses. Regardless of the strategy you decide to implement or create from scratch, it will need to consist of five steps that are crucial for driving sales. Of course, it’s up to you if you wish to avoid one of the steps but the more of it you cover, the higher the chances for success are.

1.1 Starting With SEO

If you wish to build an audience around your website, you will first need to let the people know you have a website and where they can find it. Optimization of your website will show Google and other search engines your website is full of worthy content and you’re open for business! As some businesses even report half of their website traffic comes from organic search queries, SEO is something that simply can’t be ignored. 

Optimizing Content on Your Company Website

Determine your keywords and start optimizing your content – text, videos, photos, infographics, etc. Implement these keywords in your content naturally and you will have more chances to rank on the first page of Google’s result page. Once you’re there, you will notice how big your traffic boost thanks to the organic traffic is. 

1.2 Focusing on Social Selling

If you have to name one online place where your customers and prospects are spending most of their time, what would that place be? Social media, of course. We’re all active on at least one social media platform and as a business, you will need to determine most popular social networks for your target audience and start engaging with them there. 

Engaging Your Customers and Prospects on Your Social Media Accounts

Start posting your content on these social media platforms and you will notice that your customers are looking into your profile. The reason why your customers and prospects will check your social media accounts is that they are more trustworthy than your website. On your website, you can write whatever you want and control what gets published. On the other hand, social media might allow you a certain level of control but the number of likes and comments will highly impact how others see your business. 

1.3 Engaging Customers through Email Marketing

If you’re in constant communication with your target audience, it will be much easier to convince them to make a purchase. When you’re nurturing the relationship you have with your potential and existing customers, they will feel motivated to purchase your product or service. However, some companies struggle when deciding how they will maintain that constant communication. One of the most sophisticated ways to do it is through email marketing. 

Send Regular Email Newsletters to Encourage Sales

Create regular email newsletters that will be sent to your customers and prospects, from industry trends to product-related articles that are published on your blog. You can include many useful tips and tricks for them as well. The key is to provide additional value so your audience benefits from your email newsletters and are motivated to proceed to the next stage of your sales funnel.

1.4 Delivering Same-quality Experience on Various Devices

You can’t ignore the trends around you. One of the biggest trends is that current customers are mostly doing their online research and even purchases through their smartphones and tablets. Is your website optimized for mobile? If your website fails to deliver a good experience on smartphones or tablets, your sales results will suffer. 

Responsive Design and Simple Navigation is Essential

Your mobile visitors should enjoy responsive design and simple navigation that will help them find what they want and need. When you’re building or re-building your website, always keep in mind that a very big amount of your traffic will come from smartphones and make sure that every aspect of your website is optimized for them as well.

1.5 Closing the Sale

Of course, lead generation is crucial if you wish to grow your business but not having the right tools for closing sales will lead to failure. To close the sale, you need the right tools, starting from your online store which needs to work very fast and provide the potential buyers with the information they need to make their decision. 

What Does Your Audience Need to Make up Their Mind? 

Think about what your audience needs to be more encouraged to proceed onto the next stage. Is it adding mobile payments or investing additional money into securing your payment and checkout? If you’re in constant communication with your customers, you will already know what needs to be improved in order to enhance your results. 

2. Useful Tips for Driving Sales on Your Website

So, after you’ve implemented all these five aspects into your strategy for driving sales, you should continue investing your time and money into finding efficient ways of how to make the most of your company website. Here are several tips that will help you with driving sales on your website:

Be honest and transparent about your pricing on the website. If your prices are not displayed, a significant amount of your potential customers will simply give up immediately while others will be even concerned about the additional costs you might include while they’re still doing their online shopping. 

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