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Texas puts cybersecurity on state contract

The Texas Department of Information Resources (aka DIR), announced it has added a
vendor to contract that offers cybersecurity solutions and ransomware protection services
- DIR contract is used by school districts and other public agencies
- Award given to FireEye, Inc. of Milpitas, CA
o through Carahsoft, Inc.’s DIR contract DIR-TSO-4288 and DIR’s Bulk Purchase
Agreement #BP2020-028
o includes:
 FireEye Network Security
 FireEye Email Security
 FireEye Endpoint Security
 FireEye Helix security operations platform

 Mandiant Managed Defense
 Mandiant Threat Intelligence
 Mandiant Expertise On Demand
 Mandiant Purple Team Assessments

- Amanda Crawford, DIR Executive Director, stated; “With these contracts for robust cyber security tools and services, we’re enabling Texas government entities to efficiently strengthen their ransomware defenses.”

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