AUCH, France, May 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- TEKLYNX International, the global leader in barcode label and RFID software, and global technology firm, Epson, today announced the development of new TEKLYNX native printer drivers in CODESOFT barcode label design software that use Epson's ESC/Label Command language to drive four new additions to Epson's ColorWorks® on-demand label printer lineup.

With a longstanding history and partnership supporting customers around the world, TEKLYNX and Epson team up again to respond to manufacturers' growing needs and compliance requirements to implement on-demand color labeling solutions.

This innovative development makes it easy for industrial and commercial manufacturing organisations to add high resolution artwork to labels while combining dynamic serialization, data, and barcodes into color labels for high-volume production use.  

When combining the built-in native printer drivers for Epson ColorWorks label printers with the TEKLYNX CODESOFT barcode label design software solution, manufacturers are able to:

  • Speed up label design and print times
  • Increase print accuracy
  • Match CMYK and RGB color
  • Eliminate pre-printed label waste
  • Maintain brand consistency
  • Meet complex customer requirements
  • Maintain regulatory compliance while increasing safety
  • Create attractive labels

"The power of TEKLYNX barcode label design software, combined with Epson's ColorWorks label printers, is making it easier than ever to create dynamic on-demand color labels – creating even more control and efficiencies for our customers," said Travis Wayne, product manager, TEKLYNX Americas, Inc. "It is exciting to see the opportunities this provides for manufacturers around the world to barcode better."

For additional information on TEKLYNX CODESOFT barcode label design software visit or download a free 30-day trial of CODESOFT.

To learn more about Epson, please visit:

TEKLYNX International helps supply chains work better. Today, more than 750,000 companies in over 170 countries trust TEKLYNX integrated barcode and RFID label design solutions to make barcode labeling operations efficient, accurate, secure and industry compliant. To learn more, visit or call TEKLYNX in your region. Barcode Better™ with TEKLYNX.

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