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Subject: Ricoh Introduction of the Ricoh Select Series

Ricoh Americas Corporation is pleased to introduce the new Ricoh Select Series of Remanufactured Office Equipment. Developed to satisfy the needs of our more cost conscious customers, the new Ricoh Select Series offers MFPs with “like-new” technology without the new price tag and delivers an outstanding price performance value for workgroups, departments or small businesses with budgetary constraints.

Product Overview:

Ricoh Select Series Remanufactured Equipment is virtually indistinguishable from its newer counterparts as far as appearance, output quality and reliability are concerned. The Ricoh Select Series feature the latest versions of all necessary software and hardware components and is backed by the same service commitment that we provide to our factory - new equipment solutions. All Ricoh Select Series are remanufactured using a carefully controlled ISO 9001-2008-certified process to help meet high customer performance expectations at lower price points. These units go through an extensive remanufacturing and cleaning process that replaces all high-wear components and adjust the units back to their original factory specifications. Ricoh Select Series reflect Ricoh’s commitment to a more efficient, ecologically friendly product life-cycle that minimizes the impact on our environment.
Key Benefits:
COST: Minimizes your customer’s document production costs – offering a less expensive product than equivalent new devices.
QUALITY: remanufactured equipment utilizes the best in selected parts including the latest hardware and software advancements for the particular model which are all processed under strict ISO 9001:2008 requirements.
SUPPORT: Ricoh is committed to providing the same level of service to our remanufactured equipment that we provide to our new equipment.
RELIABLE: Select Series models are selected from and based on proven models with a successful track record of reliability and performance.
COMPREHENSIVE: B/W model selection offered in speeds from 25-ppm to 90-ppm - Color models ranging from 25-ppm to 45-ppm

Please see the attached for product and pricing information.

(See attached file: Ricoh Select Launch Letter.pdf)(See attached file: Ricoh Select Series.xlsx)
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I think we all need to wait until we see the details. If this is a carryover from IKON (maybe an IKON rep can chime in) this is not anything like what we do when we "recondition" a machine for resale. These are actually reconditioned, repainted, etc. to the point that they qualify for a -0- meter again. Probably still too pricy for my company to ever buy one but I don't think we are talking about the same thing.
MFPs with “like-new” technology

I think Xerox said it better "Newly Re-manufactured"

Or Birds Eye "Fresh Frozen" or was it "Frozen Fresh"

Can you say Oxymoron?

We also re-manufacture our own equipment, but we select equipment that we have been servicing, and ones that have lower miles on it. And we typically re-manufacture Canons which I have found have a very long serviceable life. That's an advantage for the Dealer over Ricoh who will be doing a re-man on whatever comes in (not as selective).

If you find that you are in a deal against Ricoh's Select Series make sure your customer knows that this is "USED EQUIPMENT". SHow them the BLI report, it will say it is NOT NEW. We used this technique very successfully against Xerox.

Ask them if they new they were being offered "USED EQUIPMENT". If they say yes, then offer your own Re-man equipment. So you can be apples to apples.

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