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We want to take an existing print stream. When it sends to the printer, multiple pages can only print on one side of the page, there is no duplex option.  We would like to manipulate print stream to print duplex when seeing more than one page, in addition we would also want to have a staple command for multiple pages.


Stethos can do this, however customer wants to see a video of the process!  Stethos has nothing.  Does anyone have any ideas?





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What is the native application the print stream is coming from? There are multiple solutions out there that can do this but some of it depends on the native application. Maybe more information could help.

Also, what type of demo are they looking for? A log file output or just an automated system where they type or hit print and the command is sent automatically outputting duplex? There isn't much going on there just forcing duplex so I am curious what they are hoping to see.

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