Sharp UK launches major new release of its Printer Administration Utility
Thursday September 10th 2009, 8:28 am
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Making life easier for network administrators: new features offer remote operation, grouping and central management of printers and MFPs


London, 10 September 2009 – Sharp Electronics has announced the 5th version of its popular Printer Administration Utility (PAU), with several new features designed to give network administrators easier control of their printers and MFPs. Key innovations in PAU 5 include remote viewing and control of the device front panel, cloning settings across multiple devices and automated service reports.


Remote front panel for easier support

The new remote front panel feature solves the problem of support staff having to make a trip to the printer or MFP every time a user reports a fault or phones for instructions on how to use an unfamiliar feature. Instead, the support technician can simply open the tool to view and control every function on the front panel display, gaining the ability to either fix the problem directly or give step-by-step guidance to the user to achieve the same result.


Device cloning for rapid deployment
IT administrators are all too familiar with the time and effort it takes to install and configure multiple printers. The latest version of Sharp’s PAU  helps to streamline the process by allowing the administrator or support technicians to simply copy the system and web settings of the first machine and then transfer it to each additional machine that’s being deployed. For extra convenience, the settings can be edited before transfer.


Service reports for optimum efficiency
PAU also helps to maximise uptime and keep the fleet at optimum efficiency by letting support staff track and monitor the operational status of every MFP on the network. It automatically captures and reports a wide range of useful information about each machine, including the model, serial number, location and the number of pages it has produced, as well as its operating status, IP address, name, description, and MAC address. The data can be exported to a CSV file format for easy reporting and analysis.


Complete, real-time centralised control
PAU meets the requirements of busy support personnel by making the configuration, management and support of printers and MFPs quicker and easier. It enables complete, real-time control of the entire printer and MFP fleet through any standard web browser and allows the monitoring of all SNMP-compliant printers, regardless of their make or model.


PAU 5 also lets administrators view configuration settings, operational status and toner and paper levels, remotely upgrade the firmware of supported MFPs and distribute printer drivers over the network for one-click automatic installation. For extra convenience, printers can be managed by grouping them by shared characteristics such as location, model name, IP address and status.


“Our Printer Administration Utility has always been a key competitive differentiator and version 5 continues that tradition,” said Chris Hale, product marketing manager for Solutions, Sharp UK. “We recognise that administrators with several printers and MFPs to support want to be able to fulfil demands for high availability and maximum efficiency, but don’t want to use disproportionate effort and resources to accomplish that. PAU provides powerful features that simplify every aspect of the installation, configuration and management of these devices.”




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