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(Reuters) – Sharp Corp, Japan’s largest display maker, has called off talks with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd to jointly set up a copier sales company, the Kyodo said.

Sharp’s decision came after other Japanese firms such as Canon Inc opposed the proposal expressing concern that key technology would fall into the hands of the South Korean technology giant, the newswire said.

The global copier market is dominated by Japanese companies like Canon, Ricoh Co Ltd, Konica Minolta Inc and Sharp. They, along with U.S’s Xerox Corp, account for about 80 percent of the global A3 copier sales, according to Kyodo.

Sharp, will however, continue talks with Samsung to supply washing machines and refrigerators to the Korean company as an original equipment manufacturer, the wire said, quoting sources.

The proposal to jointly set up a copier sales company was being discussed after Sharp turned down Samsung’s acquisition offer for the copier business, Kyodo said.

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WHOA! Hold the text messages, stop the tweeting,  the last we heard Sharp had nixed Samsungs offer a few months ago!!


Thus, the real dope is out about Sharp, like I stated in my opening statement. According to the above Rueter news report Sharp has been peddling their MFP division to Samsung.  But all you heard from Sharp USA and other drinkers of the Koolaid was that this was not the case.  Vince, myself and a few others (p4p'ers) were able to read between the lines.


What I do find odd is that it was not the government of Japan that stepped in and nixed the sale, but it was the likes of Canon, Ricoh and KonicaMinolta.  That tells me that that the Canon, Ricoh and KonicaMinolta were afraid of Samsung gaining Sharps MFP technology, so afraid that they talked Sharp into not selling.  Which sounds kinda hokie to me, it's like me telling the neighbor not to sell his house to the new people coming to town.


In mid October we'll see the second half results for 2013 and the second quarter for this year.  The first quarter results still had Sharp losing 17.9 billion yen or 180 million US dollars. If not for the weaker yen losses could have been much higher!


When looking at the operating income for the 1st quarter, the shining star of the Sharps Product groups is the Business Solutions group which sell information displays and MFPs.  There is no breakdown of sales for that Product group, thus I can't tell how much of the revenue was for copiers and how much for displays.  I'm not sure but I believe the information displays is the IGZO LCD screens that are used with the Apple ipad and iphones.  The Business Solutions product group carried a 20% percent increase in sales when compared to the firs quarter of 2012.


Sharp still has enormous debt to repay, a weaker yen will help and what may help even better is the sale of the MFP division to the likes of Canon, Kyocera, KoniaMinolta or Toshiba. Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you read!











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