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Selling to healthcare during pandemic

Tips published in article in Repertoire magazine

  • Sales reps need to ask; “How can my product or service address some area of value that is being impacted by the prospect’s current situation?”
  • “Is there something my product or service can do to make practices more efficient, to make it easier for them to care for their patients?”
  • “relevant to them, especially if it can be automated and reduce the workload for the practice”
  • “Healthcare providers don’t automatically know what’s relevant in their business. That’s the value of the sales rep who can connect the dots for them”
  • “Reps need to analyze what’s happening in the marketplace and look at their products and services differently – through a lens that allows them to position product/service relevance”
  • Sales reps should address two main areas:
    o Future of patient encounters
    o Revenue optimization
  • “Ask providers or networks if they have discussed their plans for what an average patient visit will look like pre and post pandemic”
  • “Ask their customers how they plan to navigate changes in the financial landscape while still providing the best patient care

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