Just found this on the web today.  This is not a new technology for HP. It is the HP pagewide technology.  I have a client that I share with multiple vendors that has two of the HP Color PageWide (XL 8000) 30ppm wide format MFPs and loves them!  2 million square feet on the devices with zero issues, good ink yields and the original print heads in place.

I'm no expert with HP PageWide but it seems like they took one of their existing PageWide printers and  slowed the print speed (someone please correct me if I'm wrong), and scan speed.

 When looking at comparable KIP, Canon/Oce and Ricoh around that same print speed. We find the MSRP of those black print devices around $22K range. The HP PageWide already has a street price that's lower than black MSRP.

Most Engineers, Architects and larger construction companies all have two wide format devices. One for color and one for black. The early adopters of having a single color device could also have the higher end Color PageWide, the OCE Colorwave or maybe one of the new KIP color laser wide format ( I believe that MSRP is around $30K).

When prices are equal for black and color I'm thinking that most will gravitate to one color device rather than having two.

Users will opt for one device for these reasons

  • Lower ink cost
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Same print speed at MP W6700 (6.7 close enough to 6 for me)
  • Power 120v
  • Print both color and black
  • Print quality is exceptional

With the HP 6 page a minute device there will be one model, one with a dual roll feeder and another and the option to add two more.  The dealer cost price well let's say it much less than I thought it was going to be.

I found this one web today with the XL

There is also a HP 3600XL available that will have a print speed of 3 pages [er minute in color or black.  However I'm not sure if the XL 3600 uses the PageWide technology (hoping someone can clarify that for us).  Here's the price I captured earlier today for the 3600.

Here's the HP web link https://www8.hp.com/us/en/larg...rinters/xl-3600.html

Personally I think some of us are at risk with our existing fleet of black wide format devices. Just thought I would share what I found. Would love to have someone give some additional information for these devices.

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The XL3600 is not based on PageWide tech but traditional inkjet with the moving printhead. The idea was to build it in the look of PageWide XL (and competing laser/led devices) with the trays for the paper rolls so it looks more robust/reliable to the end users, but the device itself is essentially a redesigned version of the DesignJet T3500.

This is targeted at the entry level market to compete against mono laser such as the MP W6700. The selling points are that you can get a colour device for similar starting price as the W6700 and close enough mono click cost (so you don't need two devices as you mention). 

Print speed wise it's half the speed as you say, but it's faster to print the first 5 pages (as it doesn't have the fuser to warm up) which covers most of the print jobs in the target market.

I would agree that your monochrome fleet is in danger when these start to become widespread. The XL3600 only came out 6 months ago but I've already switched a few Ricoh customers with this model.

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