Secure or Encrypt scan2email with Ricoh MP C3004ex

Can this be done easily?  We're coming up with ten steps (key touches) to get this done.  We can't automate any of the process.

Someone brought up security certificates, but I'm not sure how those work.

Our client has no server in the satellite office.  Needs to send encrypted or secure emails to one user at the home office.  Can't use the cloud because of HIPAA restrictions.  They want to be able to scan to that one destination.

Any ideas?

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BCarroll posted:

Which smtp (mail) server are they using, and does it support SSL (or TLS)?

My understanding is that checking the SSL box in the SMTP setup on the mfp forces SSL encryption of sent emails.

Thanx for the response, P4P Member emailed me this response in reference to your thread.

That is true for the email's journey from the MFP to the first email server.  After that, there is no guarantee that the next hop will be encrypted, or the next, or the next.  That email could pass through many servers where the sender has no control over the security settings of the servers involved.  Using encryption certificates on the sending and receiving side guarantees that the email itself will ONLY be able to be opened by the designated recipient.

Special thanx to my Ricoh support person and our internal SE who figure this out.  We were able to set up S-MIME secure emails with certificates. In addition, the end user only has to select one button to scan.

I'm actually going to incorporate this into some prospecting for insurance companies that sell healthcare. You can access the "How To" setup document here

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