On the new MPC 6000/7500 there is a option in my price book for scanner/printer kit. What is this for. I thought these machines comes standard with print/scan.
No where can I find what this is for.


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If you look in the footnotes that Ricoh has with their pricing, you will see that footnote (1) lists what is standard and the controller is not listed. Footnote(3) says "Machines do ot include a controller for network printing and scanning. Controller is ordered seperately."

I'm sure the thought is that when there is a Fiery option, no one wants to have to pay for the Ricoh controller as well.
I just got burned on a footnote for the MP9000 series, little did I know that when you sell a saddlestitcher you also need the SR5000. I had two of these deals close the end of the month and lost almost all of the GP on both!!

Those dam footnotes!!!!!
I don't think the Connectivity Cafe' will ask you about options that are not mandatory. Besides that, by the time the new model is there, you have already figured everything out. For instance, how long has the W2400 been out? It's still not there and niether is the C6000 so it wouldn't have helped here.
I'm the last person to praise any web site of Ricoh's, and once in a great while I find an error in the item numbers. But, Connectivity Cafe is usually worth your 30 seconds. It will alert you that the SR-5000 is required on the MP 9000 series.
Good morning:

Configuring the SR5000 for either the GBC or BK5010 is not a new requirment. If you take a look at the last few generations of Ricoh MFPs that supported the options, there has always be the requirement to include the 100-sheet doument finisher when configuring the GBC or Plockmatic. While finisher models have changed (SR841, SR842, and now SR5000) the requirement has always been there.

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