I had an MP C4503 go out today, & the customer said they would give us their scanning settings when we got onsite.  It turns out their Exchange is Hosted through their Managed Services provider who didn't give us this info prior to install.  Is it possible to set up scan to email in a Hosted Exchange environment?  The install technician is telling me their only option is to bring email in-house or set everyone up with Gmail accounts.

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I'm playing Monday morning quarterback so take this with a grain of salt and know that I am not perfect and have made many mistakes like this in the past and still continue todo so from time to time.


I know the customer is always right, but sometimes you have to take back the posture.  In hind sight, maybe you should have said we will come onsite once we have the mail server settings.  Remember, even in sales sometimes you have to say No!


It seems the issue you are dealing with is because the IT vendor/support was not involved early enough in the installation.  They should have easily been able to provide the necessary information for scan to email in a Hosted Exchange environment.


Not building a good relationship with the IT vendor early is a recipe for frustration and customer dissatisfaction.  I have learned this through similiar situations but still need it reinforced from time to time as we get busy and think everything will be okay.


The IT "partners" I deal with would prefer a call a few days prior to install to let them know what the plans are and become allies, worker bees and lead sources when treated properly.  When not involved early, they are venomous, frustrating, arrogant and controlling in the end ruining my day, the install and the relationship with the customer.


If/when we do not contact them like we should or if they do not want to play well we have 2 mail servers that we use on behalf of the customer so that we can deliver what we promise.


Iris, correct me if I'm wrong, but even if you use a solution such as Udox, you would need to have the proper information for the Hosted Exchange server.  There is no substitute for preparation.

You always need preparation. For Udocx you need to know the email address, UPN and MFP serial numbers to scan to email and scan to drafts. With this information Udocx establishes a secure connection allowing you to browse your Outlook adddress book and GAL from the MFP. Emails are sent from your personal address and saved in sent items. For this we do not need any server information.


Another advantage of cloud based solutions is that you can configure these settings through the web portal for all MFPs at the same time. This makes creating new 'scan to' apps at a later time very convenient. And it gives each end user the flexibility to customize the scan apps to the destinations they use most. 

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