Hello fellow P4Pers!  My name is Jesse Harwell - I own Pahoda Image Products, a copier company based in Denver, CO.  We also have the quoting tool for dealers to help make copier quoting easier.

One of the needs we have is someone who is smart, hard working, independent, and maybe looking for that next gig where they could be where they wanted while doing the work...  I do that - see


On to our opportunity.  We have a lot of clients in our fleet that need to have not just the one device under contract, but their other printers and copiers.  There are some clients who just need to upgrade their old equipment.  We would also have you selling the SEO services and the quoting tool (more of our future) -  The role is basically maximizing what we are doing, but it isn't for everyone...  Here is why...

1)  We offer a terrible base and no benefits at first.  

2)  We don't have the time you may want to be by the water cooler complaining about the local sports teams

3)  A lot of your sales efforts would need to be phone based.  We are in Colorado, but you could call from anywhere, but not being in person can make it a bit harder to close deals.

We pay higher commission rates as well as providing great tools and support for your sales efforts.  I am not expecting the regional manager with 4 kids and a lot of expenses to find this to be a good idea.  You are welcome to do it if that is you, I just don't see this easily paying $130K a year...  My guess is one of 3 types of people would.

1)  A home-maker who would like to work like 15 to 20 hours a week and doesn't depend fully on this income to take care of their family

2)  Someone contemplating retirement and would like a part time gig to keep them busy or make more money

3)  A motivated single or family who would like to spend a lot of time overseas and want a way to make money while they are out of the country.

Our main copier site - https://www.copierleasecenter.com

Drop me a note too at salesguru@pahoda.com (mention P4P in title so I pay more attention...  Or just call me at 303-810-2382 and have a chat.

Jesse Harwell

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