I operate 300 miles from my headoffice. I find that email, contact management software and Palm pilot execellent. I have played around with all the normal software like ACT!, and have yet to find anything that is as simple and direct as Time & Chaos.... however.....

I want to be able to tot up quotes on my PC and palm pilot, with the software offerring me areas for lease settlements, delivery, bits and bobs that often float into deals. I also want it to be prompting me for not to forget that crucial, but very important, and expensive "extra" that is essential for the package to perform as sold.

So, a pricing application with easy configuration options that looks good on a PC, but can be used easyly at the point of negotiation with a client.
Any body seen or used something that fits the bill.

By the way, am in Manchester UK, so Hi to everyone out there who is selling for a living. Well Done.

bill stevens
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We just use Excel. Import the pricing once and use a simple spread sheet. It sounds like you're far from the home office. I hope not so far from prospects.

I would not recommend pricing on the fly, this seems to make my prospects feel like I'm an auctionner and not a consultant.

I try to focus on minimizing or narrowing objections and following up with a recommendation after the heat of the battle and I've had some time to reflect.

You may be faster on the draw than me, but you may be able to yield a higher gross profit, a more peaceful existence, and a more professional presence by taking a little more time before closing.

You didn't ask for the extra advice, so disregard it if you think it's not helpful.

Good luck!
I use e-tools all the time, creates a great professional quote! Even allows you to change items on the fly. Wish it could work with my IPAQ.

Maybe you should just invest in a small notebook and keep e-tools on it.

Let me know if you need a copy!

I agree with JS...I always try to separate the fact finding from the presenting which isn't easy for me. They say they want to do this or that and I want to launch into how Ricoh does it.

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