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I have been a service technician and service Manager within the office equipment industry for the past 18 years. In September 2013 I decided to go on my own and open my own copier dealership, we have become a Sharp authorized dealer and also carry refurbished Ricoh equipment.


The base has been growing by installing machines in the field and taking over competitors service contracts and now have 2 technicians plus myself in which I am doing all the sales.


Now being somewhat new to sales I know that I can be doing better and would like some input. The speed bump for me is the business to business call "cold calls"  am out in the field for roughly 5 hours a day and have no issues going into any business.  I realize each customer interaction from b2b is different but I would like to hear what different strategies, ideas and opening comments others might be using or doing.


Any input would be greatly appreciated


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Hi Bob:


Welcome to the Print4Pay Hotel! 


What market are you in?  Door to Door is always tough, all I try to do on the cold call is get the name of the buyer (DM) and leave a business card.  I can then follow up with a phone call.  You probably should have some type of flyer explaining the value of your company.  You bring instant credibility to table by being a service engineer.  Use that to your advantage.  I have more but would like to see what others have to say also.

I am in northern British Columbia Canada. I carry flyers on every call and change them up monthly. they are sent out via post bi weekly to different areas then I target the area. As per the service engineer I am using that to my advantage as much as possible, for the most part if someone is not interested in purchasing a piece of equipment I then turn my attention to service and  try to takeover the service contract. I push value of service and product instead of just getting a box in the door.


I know I have lost some deals due to my inexperience in sales, I have also won my fair share of deals though and have built a nice base in just 7 months. Any input is appreciated

I, like Art, cold call for information and phone call for appointment. However, I do try to get more information on the cold call than just the name of the decision maker. I try to at least find out whether they lease or own, how long they have had it and whether there has been any talk about replacing it. As I'm walking out of the room I ask who they call for service, Get adept at asking every question as if it's the last question so it doesn't sound like an interrogation.

This is definitely a "box" approach as apposed to a "solutions" approach but I'm assuming that is your world right now.

May I also recommend reading some great industry specific books such as SPIN Selling, Selling to VITO, and Power Selling. You'll see other recommendations elsewhere on this site.

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