It had been about 10 business days since I sent order docs to a decent size account for the upgrade of six 45ppm color MFP's. My month closes early and thus I had the verbal for the order but just needed the docs signed. Since this was an existing client and they are a decent size I agreed to send the docs as the DM asked for.

Four business days prompted an email asking if he received the docs, the reply was yes and I'll try to get them to you this week.  The week passed, which prompted another email asking, "do you think you'll be able to send me back the docs by this Thursday?", the response was yes.  Comes Wednesday AM and I get an email, "I've got a question for you?", please call me.

Okay I thought, however I'm in the field all day and I really don't like answering questions unless I have the docs in front of me.  Thus that entire day and night was spent thinking about the "what ifs". 

What if he dosen't like the term?

What if he wants to reduce the term?

What if he wants to reduce the number of devices?

What if there is a hold up?

What if he dosen't like the price?

I ran through all of these possible scenarios in my mind that day and evening and also in the AM the next day. Heck it was the last day of the month. It would be a big hit for me for the month. It was nerve racking even for an old pro like me. It was similar to playing chess and thinking in advance for the what if scenario's.

Thursday AM came, I had the quote open, had a doc all lined up with the answers for the what if's.  I made the call....and asked Hi ........, has a small chat about the brutal traffic in the AM.  I was then told that he had a hang up with one of the departments that did not want to upgrade however he worked through it and was ready to go.

I guess it just goes to show you that sometimes we can over think things at times, in addition it was a good thing not to call back right away. Sometimes it's good to let the ball travel.

Everyone have a great Memorial Day Weekend

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