Mustard's Last Stand will be on my list! But how about that guy on the Rutt's Hutt YouTube video at 1:05 who gets philosophical about his Hot Dogs, only to shove two weiners down his throat later on in the video. Now, that's passion! Check it out.
Opening in a week is a new Hot Dog place right in town! I'll be checking them out for ya.

Here's a few pictures:

nothing for us, I live up on the hill, thus they cakk it Highlannds. The center of town is below sea lever, back in 1991 a noreater blew threw and there was 5 feet of water in most places downtown., We're good thanx for asking!!
I hear that the Count Basie Theatre up in Red Bank, NJ is a great venue to see concerts and that many great acts play there. Have you been?
No, I've never been there, however have heard the same, my father-in-law has been there a few times and loves the place. Red Bank is special, saw Bruce Springsteen there in the early eighties in a very small venue.

We're having Bobby Bryne for a Saint Patricks Bash for the the K of C in the Highlands in a few weeks.
LOL, I didn't take part in the bash, even though it was across the street from me. I had quiet day with many honey do's to get completed!

Hope to see you at On Demand if you're going!
I registered for ON DEMAND, te something came up for that same week, and it's not lookin' good. Will send you a note if I am able to attend.
By the way, if you enjoy Buffalo Wings and Tanquery & Tonic, try Tiffany's in Fairfield, NJ. Just watch out around 4:45 PM each evening, as the folks from the Ricoh Pine Brook office flood the Bar in search of Rum & Coke and the awesome Nacho Supreme!


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The hearty Hot Dog lovers at Ricoh in West Caldwell will need to find a new place to munch on weiners, since Rutt's Hut will be too far away from Mavern, PA.

After they move the Ricoh corporate headquarters to Malvern, PA they may want to make a pilgrimage to Harry's Hot Dogs.

Harry's boasts about "famous hotdogs topped with Harry's special secret-recipe meat-sauce, mustard & chopped onions."

At $2.19 per Dog, it won't matter how long merit increases are frozen. You could have plenty of funds left to throw back a Belgian brew, or get your mustache wet with a few Rum & Cokes!

I'm bummed, I was at Pinebrook/Ricoh today (actually saw a nexpress there and something code named venus), anyway I went 30 minutes outta my way for a Rhutts Hotdog, to say the least on a scale of one to 10. It's a , I was expecting so much more!

I was almost tempted to book a flight to Melbourne, FL to get a Dog at Mustards Last Stand!!! Rhutts was ok for the $1.85 but not worth the effort!


You must have visited the new (a little over one year old) HIGH VOLUME DEMO CENTER in the Ricoh Pine Brook, NJ location. Ricoh University and the RFG East Region (Dealer) are also in that facility. In fact, George Gorman works in that office and is the King of Hot Dogs, who initially recommended Rutt's Hut. In fact, he even gets away with putting his Rutt's Hut lunches on his Expense Reports! Blame him!
For all those Hot Dog fans going to ON DEMAND in Philly this month, here is a good article on Dirty Dogs down in the City of Brotherly Love:

Even though Ricoh will have little to no presence at ON DEMAND, there may be a few folks going to observe the competition.

I'll be testing both Geno's and Pat's Philly Cheese Steaks to determine a winner (in my book, anyway).
Heading up to see family today in Clifton and then Wallington. Rutt's Hut! Here we come! Can't wait for the sauce! It's been awhile!
WikiLeaks has obtained a classified Ricoh document that shows every employee who has put Rutt's Hutt on their Expense Reports and they intend to discipline these employees in January 2011.
Sone friends of mine who took the drive to Ricoh's new Headquarters in Malvern, PA tell me that the 'Dixie Picnic' is an awesome place for home cooked food, but that the executives from IKON all hang out at The Office Bar & Grill because they are catching on to the Craft Beer craze and this place has Chimay Grande Reserve available!

They said the wait staff is talking about the increase in business they expect from additional workers being introduced at the 'former' IKON campus.

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