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here's the rub, will they move the speed to 8ppm or 6ppm?  That's my question. I can see a difference in speed from 14ppm to 6ppm. For some reason I feel that they will go with 8ppm and not 6ppm. If that's the case, then we're no better than before.  Don't get me wrong, I want 6PPM, however, I do not believe anything I hear about wide format from Ricoh anymore.



Here is the translated Press Release!

fnews release

A0 / A1-size corresponding digital multifunction machine 3 new release the model 5 models

Improved operability and ~ productivity, various solutions linkage can be ~

February 3, 2016 
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

   Ricoh Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Miura Zenji) is, a total of three models of A0 / A1-size-compatible digital full color multifunction machine as "RICOH MP CW2201 / CW1201 Series", A0-size corresponding digital monochrome multifunction machine "RICOH MP W6700 SP" 5 model from February 15 and the new release. Sales will aim to 2,000 units per year together.


   In comparison with the "RICOH MP CW2201 / CW1201 Series" is the predecessor machine "RICOH MP CW2200 / CW1200 Series" (2012 released in December), the continuous copying speed of a full-color about 2 times * increased to greatly improve the productivity I did. In addition, equipped with a new intuitive operation 10.1 inch large full-color touch panel "MultiLink-Panel" of the possible, we will provide a comfortable operation. Furthermore, in addition to the adoption of GELJET viscous ink is our popular excellent water resistance and quick-drying, and a new improved and reliability equipped with such as auto nozzle detection mechanism print quality.


   "RICOH MP W6700 SP" can stack in flat the output paper in the main body, also, such as will be able to set the roll paper with a simple operation, the predecessor machine "imagio MP W3601 Series" (October 2010 in comparison with the sale) it has been improved paper handling performance on.In addition, the operation panel employs a large full-color touch panel 9.0 inches, has been achieved excellent operability.


   In addition to the standard equipment of a full-color scanner function with all models, high-compression PDF data conversion to help to a reduction in the weight of the scan data capacity, by the scanning variable magnification function, and promote the electronic full color even in large-format drawings. In addition, in response to the "RICOH e-Sharing Box" (sold separately) If you save a drawing that you created in the documents and personal computer scanned, easy access from a tablet terminal on the go, to contribute to the improvement of business efficiency you.


   These features, construction, manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, copying industry, including the government, drawings, maps, perspective drawings, we will complete the introduction to the center the customers dealing with and posters.



The biggest thing that jumps out at me with this product is that you are not carrying this machine up a flight of stairs.  With the current model you can separate the main body from the roll base and you can muscle it up a flight of stairs.  I have at lease half a dozen installs currently where the machine is on a second floor with no elevator.

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