Ricoh is pleased to announce the release of new model support for printing IPDS in IBM zSeries (S/390) and iSeries (AS/400) environments. RA2K Integration for IPDS is an internal software solution, which resides on the hard drive of select Ricoh print devices and enables users to send AFP/IPDS print jobs directly from their S/390 or AS/400 systems. This solution is designed to allow your customers to print professional laser-quality output, access standard finishing and paper size options, without any change in programming at the host.

Product Features and Benefits:
• User friendly, simple to install
• Full AFP / IPDS Support in line with IBM’s standard programming practices
• Accommodates both standard network print jobs and AFP / IPDS reducing the expense of dedicated printers
• Edge to Edge printing
• Input / output tray selection, 3 hole punch, stapling, & duplexing
• Support of AFP / IPDS through the zSeries 390, iSeries AS/400
• Full Color and Spot color for highlighting columns in financial statements, logos on forms, sub totals and totals on invoice statements
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